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NO! THE ICE SKATING GIF ISN'T REAL! IT'S BLADES OF GLORY. Sweet Jeebus jumped up on a pony and spanked it!

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Sneeze central. Still love walking thru it tho.

I’m pretty sure that if I go inside this store and ask if they sell anvils, they’ll shoot me out of a cannon.


Brushie Brushie Brushie [x]

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This bitch ruined my perfectly moody depressing day by forcing me out into the sunshine. :sigh: fucking happy puppy.

At least it’s free range.

Musta been a harsh winter. So excited to see flowers blooming.

Desk area/art table corner. Almost ready. Shelves go up soon. So excited!!!

Giving me the best puppy eyes she can muster so I can take her outside.

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Soon. Flowers will be here soon. Olivia under the budding trees.

WTC memorial thru my sunroof.